How to Cook Pizza on a Stone


0:00 hi I'm Morgan McComb and I'm here to

0:03 teach you how to cook pizza on a pizza

0:06 stone why would you want to cook pizza

0:09 on a pizza stone you may ask well if you

0:11 try to cook pizza on a pizza pan you

0:15 will not get any good texture out of

0:17 your pizza this is basically for heating

0:20 up frozen pizza this is not for cooking

0:22 pizza this is just hi bye say bye bye

0:25 that okay so this is what you want to

0:28 use is a pizza stone now here's a pizza

0:30 that we've already cooked on the stone

0:32 this is a seasoned stone you always want

0:36 to season your pizza stone first

0:37 and to season your pizza stone a little

0:40 oil on it put a lot of oil on it heated

0:43 in oven for 15-20 minutes repeat that

0:46 process several times don't use soap and

0:49 water on your stone and your stone will

0:51 be beautiful okay so to cook pizza on a

0:54 stone basically you want to preheat that

0:57 stone in the oven at the temperature

0:59 that your recipe states that you're

1:01 cooking that pizza at in a restaurant we

1:04 cook pizza at incredibly high

1:05 temperatures 525 550 600 650 and that

1:11 cooks the pizza very fast keeps it from

1:13 getting doughy and gives it a nice crisp

1:15 crunch at home you want to turn that

1:17 oven up as high as you can get it

1:19 without it being weird or crazy maybe

1:22 most home ovens probably go to

1:25 475 500 but that'll be fine so you put

1:31 that pizza stone in your pizza oven heat

1:33 it up okay get your pizza ready if you

1:37 want to put some cornmeal or some

1:39 semolina or something like that on the

1:40 bottom of the cup of the pizza stone to

1:43 slide the pizza on it you can feel

1:46 absolutely free to do that I'm not a big

1:48 cornmeal fan I don't care for that too

1:50 much so I put flour on my board when I

1:54 roll out my pizza crust and then I just

1:58 transfer that right on to the stone with

2:02 a paddle most of the big chain stores

2:05 that sell home goods they will have

2:07 wooden Pizza paddles

2:09 you're going to need one of those if

2:10 you're going to cook on a stone at home

2:11 so basically you roll your crust out on

2:14 that flour take your pizza your pizza

2:17 paddle slide it under the pizza and then

2:19 slide that pizza onto your stone onto

2:21 your preheated stone you can take the

2:24 stone out of the oven to do that

2:26 it's not going to cool down too

2:28 significantly if you take it out for two

2:29 minutes

2:30 slide it onto the stone throw it into

2:32 the oven check it frequently take a

2:35 spatula or your pizza paddle and check

2:38 that bottom you want to make sure that

2:40 it's getting to be a nice golden-brown

2:41 crust and when that is done and you're

2:45 ready to go if your your cheese on top

2:48 is nice and golden brown

2:49 and your crust is sufficiently done your

2:52 pizza is ready to be taken out of the

2:54 oven so take it out of the oven then

2:56 when you want to cut it sure go ahead

2:59 grab that pizza pan throw it back on the

3:02 pizza pan cut out on the pan don't cut

3:04 it on your stone you don't want to get

3:06 in grooves or scratches in this this is

3:08 a great piece of cooking equipment and

3:09 will allow you to make really good pizza

3:11 at home I'm Morgan McCullen and that's

3:14 how to cook pizza on a pizza stone