How to Keep Food Hot in the Oven Without Cooking It


0:04 hi my name is Dana Johnson today I'd

0:08 like to share with you a couple tips of

0:10 how to keep food hot in the oven without

0:12 cooking it without the continuous

0:14 cooking of it that is and first of all

0:16 for example if you just want to keep a

0:18 casserole nice and hot in the oven but

0:20 you don't want it to keep cooking you'll

0:22 want to keep it somewhere between 140

0:23 and 200 degrees and you want to keep the

0:26 lid on it now for example if you're

0:28 using the baking dish that doesn't have

0:30 a lid by all means just cover it in foil

0:33 keep it sealed all the way around make

0:35 sure you hit all the edges and so none

0:37 of the heat can really escape also you

0:40 can take if you turn your oven off you

0:43 can actually take kitchen towels and

0:47 wrap up your dish which will actually

0:50 keep the heat in and not continue the

0:53 cooking and keep it in your oven like

0:57 this and take another and put it on top

0:59 and so those are a couple very safe ways

1:02 to do this but also please be aware that

1:04 if your are cooking with meats that

1:06 you'll want to make sure that the

1:08 temperature doesn't go below the

1:10 temperature that it needs to be so you

1:11 don't run a risk of cross-contamination

1:12 or growth of a bacteria again always

1:16 follow your safe handling instructions

1:18 when cooking with me so for recipes for

1:22 some great oven casseroles please see me

1:24 at Dana's family kitchen

1:30 you

1:33 you