How to Cook Ostrich Meat subhadipin

Ostrich meat is a very low fat red meat, full of nutrients and packed with flavor. An no, it does not taste like chicken. Rather, it tastes like a fantastic steak when cooked properly. Since ostrich meat is so lean, the trick is to not overcook the meat, as ostrich meat dries out very quickly. Most chefs recommend not cooking ostrich meat past medium, or 150 degrees internally. Here's how you can make ostrich meat for a tasty and healthy dinner!

Place ostrich meat medallions in a bowl, and lightly cover with any marinade you regularly use for steaks. A good recipe would be to use a dash or two of lemon pepper, a dash of garlic, and some worchestershire sauce and a little red wine. Let marinate for about a half hour.

Heat grill to a high temperature, or use a cast iron skillet on a medium high heat on a stove. Either way makes ostrich meat taste very good, but a higher heat is important to sear the outside and retain the juices and flavors of ostrich meat.

Cook ostrich meat for a few minutes on each side, until reaching no more than medium doneness or an internal temperature of 150F. To achieve a diamond pattern of grill marks, half way though on each side turn the ostrich meat medallions a quarter turn.