How to Clean Teeth With Cream of Tartar

Woman brushing her teeth

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Real cream of tartar, or tartaric acid, comes from the residue on wine caskets, where the tartaric acid accumulates from the grapes. It has a caustic, somewhat sharp flavor and is often used for baking. (Reference 1) It is used as an added ingredient to make things fluffy, such as meringues, or to give foods a creamy quality, such as frosting. (Resource 1) It is also used to remove stain off copper or brass pans. It has also been used as a cleaning agent for teeth, since 1881. (Reference 2)

Wash the stawberries and remove the stems and leaves. Add the strawberries to the blender.

Combine the baking soda, water and cream of tartar in a small bowl. Mix until they are well combined. Add the mixture to the blender.

Blend the mixture for 30 seconds to one minute on a low speed until all ingredients combine into a smooth paste. Make sure that you puree all chunks of strawberry very well.

Pour the paste into a small bowl and dip a q-tip into the concocution. Spread the concoction evenly onto your teeth, repeatedly dipping the q-tip into the mixture. Keep in mind that every tooth must be well covered.

Sleep with the mixture on your teeth. Rinse off or wipe away in the morning. Continue this regime for a week.