How to Clean Soft Shell Crab


0:00 Hi! Today we are going to show you how to break down to clean or dress soft shell crabs.

0:07 Soft shell crabs are actually blue crabs in a molting stage. A lot of seafood markets

0:13 during the summertime will have soft shell crabs and the majority of those nicer markets

0:19 will get those in live So ask the fishmonger behind the counter when you go there when

0:26 they came in, this and that and sometimes they will still be moving. So the fresher

0:31 the better is what we are getting at. So I've got a couple of specimens here and we are

0:36 going to break these guys down from the underside and I am going to show you how to pull out

0:41 the feathery gills that will be on the underneath side of these guys as well. First we are going

0:47 to cut the faces off so essentially we are cutting the nose off to spite the face but

0:52 we are cutting the whole thing off. Now I've got some culinary shears here so we are just

0:57 going to take off the face and the eyes. The reason that we do that is because there is

1:02 a lot of bitterness and not a lot of edible product in that part of the crab so we just

1:07 want to go ahead and get rid of that. So going to go ahead and take those off. Again these

1:14 are just regular culinary shears. All right so we are going to undo the flap on the underneath

1:26 side of this fellow; loosen that up essentially. Now take that off. This is sometimes referred

1:38 to as dead man's fingers. This is just the lung essentially. We are just going to pull

1:44 those off because those aren't edible. Going to pull these; left and right side. These

1:54 are lungs; actually gills preferably crab. The rest that is left is kind of the innards

2:09 here. We are just going to kind of pull those loose gently with our fingers and I'm using

2:17 some surgical gloves and I like to use these simply because they are sanitary but also

2:23 at the same time once you've finished the messy job, all you have to do is pull the

2:27 gloves off. None of the things that you are cleaning will stick to the gloves which is

2:31 kind of nice. All right, so that's that guy and we are going to perform the same procedure

2:39 on this other crab and we will come back here in a little bit and show you how to dust these

2:43 with flour and I am also going to use different breading procedure for one of them so we will

2:47 show you two breading procedures and we will sear these on the stove top with a little

2:52 clarified butter and we will show you the finished product.