How to Clean Mold from Felt Fabric

Mold can be difficult to get rid of, especially when you are dealing with mold on a felt item. It is important to use the right solution to kill the mold. Bleach is something that you want to try to stay away from as it can break down the fibers in the felt. You want to clean the area thoroughly, killing off all of the mold so that it will not return later on.

Kill mold they easy way

Remove an dirt or debre from around the mold spot on your felt fabric. You want the area to be free from anything that can add to or create a new problem. You can use a light brush to go over the area to sweep away and to loosen up the dried mold for easy removal.

Take the baking soda and cover the area where the mold is on your felt fabric. Be sure to cover it completely, taking it one step further by going about an inch out from the moldy area. This will help to ensure that you are killing the mold and preventing it from spreading.

If you have a spray bottle that you can use, pour some straight vinegar into the spray bottle and spray it liberally onto the affected area. If you do not have a spray bottle you can simply pour the vinegar onto the affected area, using caution so that you do not go over board with the vinegar. The vinegar and the baking soda will have a chemical reaction which will cause the combined mixture to bubble up, making a foam. You will want to let the mixture sit for about 5 minutes so that it will have time to kill the mold. You can also use the brush again to help loosen up the mold and to get the mixture through the felt so that it can kill the mold.

Use the water to help clean up the mixture of vinegar and baking soda. You will want to blot the area and apply pressure to soak up the cleaning mixture. Be sure to keep using a clean area of the towel so that you are not spreading any of the mold or adding any dirt to the clean felt.

Allow the area to dry completely and then use the soft brush again to help soften up the felt again as it may be stiff from being cleaned.