How to Clean Lapis Lazuli

Sodalite beads image by Rose from

The gemstone lapis lazuli is composed of several different minerals—including pyrite, calcity, lazurite and sodalite—which provide its multiple colors and sometimes streaked appearance. This stone, which is rare and found in large amounts in only a few locations, has been considered a gem for thousands of years, according to It is a soft stone and must be cared for delicately, particularly when cleaning it.

Fill a shallow bowl with room-temperature or lukewarm water mixed with a very mild soap or jewelry cleaner. Do not use hot water.

Place the lapis lazuli in the water briefly. Prolonged contact with water may damage the calcite content.

Use a soft smooth cloth such as microfiber (the softer and smoother, the better) to gently rub the lapis lazuli. Do not use an abrasive cloth, which can scratch and ruin the stone.

Dry the lapis lazuli quickly and softly with an additional cloth.