How to Caramelize Onions in the Oven


0:00 I am Vicky self and I'm the author of

0:08 Vicky's vegan kitchen and I'm going to

0:11 show you how to caramelize onions in the

0:13 oven and we're going to just slice order

0:16 inch thick each so you don't have to be

0:21 fussy it doesn't have to be exact but

0:24 they have to be generally and about the

0:26 same size all of these so I've cut up

0:30 some other ones earlier today but we'll

0:33 mix them all together and actually we

0:36 don't need them all over the side I'm

0:42 going to use some of the recipes online

0:44 for this call for a quarter cup olive

0:46 oil and you don't need it I'm using just

0:49 five pounds of onions and just about two

0:53 tablespoons whoops maybe a little more

0:55 than we need but we're using about two

0:57 tablespoons olive oil and it's plenty

1:00 and I think it's good to not put more

1:03 oil or more salt than we need in our

1:05 recipes so I'm taking about two

1:08 teaspoons of sea salt this was a

1:11 beautiful gray Celtic sea salt that I

1:13 like to use and we're just going to mix

1:16 it up I'm going to use my hands for this

1:19 and separate the rings a bit and I will

1:23 put it in my cast-iron skillet but you

1:27 want to have a lid on it an ovenproof

1:29 lid i preheated the oven to 375 a lot of

1:33 recipes call for 400

1:35 but the smoking point of some olive oils

1:38 are close to 400 so I decided to try it

1:42 at 375 and it works it's just fine

1:45 so we will put the lid on and even if it

1:48 doesn't fit perfectly because it's full

1:52 it's going to be okay and put the lid on

1:56 and we'll put it in the oven and just

1:59 let it bake for and you know the timing

2:04 doesn't have to be perfect I will I've

2:07 done it at different times I've actually

2:08 even gone off and forgotten it and come

2:11 back later and it's working so we'll put

2:14 it in

2:14 for about an hour hour and a half but

2:16 we'll stir it after about 15 minutes and

2:20 then we'll leave the lid ajar there we

2:22 go

2:23 delicious easy caramelized onions

2:32 you