How to Become the Perfect Girl

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The definition of perfection varies from person to person. To some, perfection may only involve outside beauty, while to others, it may involve personality, experiences, or even accomplishments. When striving to be perfect, keep in mind that, above all else, it is important to make yourself happy. Don't try to be perfect for someone else. To be the perfect girl, pursue the features you believe constitute perfection.

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Build your confidence. For example, practice good posture. If you're always slumped over, it seems like you're withdrawn and sluggish. Compliment others around you. All the positive feelings in the room will eventually find their way back to you, since people will want to be around you. Don't be afraid to make eye contact with others around you. Spend some of your time volunteering in the community. You'll not only make new friends, but contribute to a good cause.

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Adjust your flaws. If you're known to be a pessimistic person, look at the glass half-full instead. Write down a list of the things for which you are thankful and whenever you're down, remind yourself of the things you treasure.

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Get in shape. Not only does exercising make you healthy, it boosts your self-esteem. If you feel good about yourself, others will notice your new-found morale.

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Find a new hobby. For example, take a class to learn a new language, teach yourself how to play the violin, learn how to ride a horse or become certified to scuba dive. Having various hobbies are great conversation starters.

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Become independent. This doesn't mean you should avoid depending on others completely, but you should depend on yourself when times are tough. For example, be financially stable, run errands by yourself and be opinionated.