How Do I Get Ringworm Out of My Hair?

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Ringworm is a fungus infection--not a worm--than can infect the scalp. The infection is called ringworm because red rings will form in the infected area. Although seen mostly in children, it can affect adults as well. Unfortunately, the infection can spread to not only other parts of the body, but also different people. To get rid of the infection, first see a doctor to properly diagnose the problem. The doctor may also prescribe medicine to clear the infection, however, several home remedies can aid in killing the infection.

Salt and Vinegar Paste

Pour 3 tbsps. of salt into a small bowl.

Pour just enough vinegar into the bowl to make a thick paste (like the consistency of homemade cake icing). Stir the mixture together using a spoon.

Using your fingers, apply the paste to your scalp and allow it to set for five minutes.

Rinse off the paste with cool or lukewarm water.

Save the paste and repeat these steps three times a day. The infection should be cleared in a week.

Nail Polish Remedy

"Paint" the ringworm areas with clear nail polish when you wake up in the morning.

Allow the clear nail polish to sit on your skin all day. This works best during the weekends or when you're not working, because the clear nail polish will muss your hair.

Apply a small amount of nail polish remover to a cotton ball and remove the nail polish. Though the polish remover will not damage or bleach your hair, it may make the roots slightly dry. Simply use a conditioner to restore moisture when washing your hair.

Wash your hair with antibacterial soap and water to rinse away the nail polish remover.

Leave your hair uncovered during the night and reapply the clear nail polish in the morning.