How to Help a Friend With a Broken Heart

David Woolley/Digital Vision/Getty Images

It can be difficult to see a friend in pain, especially if she's just suffered a broken heart. She may have trouble finding enjoyment in life because of her grief. While you can’t fix your friend’s problems or take away her pain, you can support her in her healing process.

Buddy-Up Workout Style

Working out is a healthy way for your friend to process his emotions, because it increases the chemicals in his brain that produce pleasing feelings. Set up times to meet up with your friend at the gym or work out in the living room. Maintaining a schedule will help your friend to work through his issues and improve his mental, emotional, and physical health. If working out doesn’t work for you or your friend, try having dance parties or playing physical games on a game console.


It’s important for your friend to have someone she can trust and confide in. People who are hurting can benefit from feeling heard and understood, aiding in their catharsis. If you’re not sure how to be a good listener for your friend, ask her what she needs. See if she wants advice or just an attentive ear, and respect her answer.

Help Your Friend Make a List

Lists are a great way to get your brain on a roll. If you can help your friend make a list of how great he is, what his strengths are, or how his life is great, it can help him in the healing process. When you divert your friend’s focus away from his pain and toward something positive instead, you can help him start thinking and feeling more positive.

Have a Releasing Ceremony

Sometimes you just need a moment to be a little funny, a little serious and a little healing. If you have a releasing ceremony with your friend, it can provide all of these aspects. What you do is take objects that remind your friend of her ex, have your friend write a letter releasing her ex, or take a picture of your friend’s ex and throw them away while breathing into the release. If you want to get creative with it, you can sprinkle glitter on it, make up a chant, or do a dance. This should make you and your friend feel like you’re having fun and letting go of the past.