Healthy Oatmeal Cookies With Quick Cooking Oats


0:04 hi I'm Katherine Lee parenting expert

0:07 and i'm danielle from cooked in brooklyn

0:09 and today we're going to make some

0:11 low-fat healthy oatmeal cookies just

0:14 take a third of a cup of flour okay this

0:16 whole thing that whole thing a third of

0:18 a cup of oats okay

0:21 and a third of a cup of wheat flour just

0:25 for a little bit of health factor and

0:27 then just mix these guys up okay

0:30 you're also going to add to that one

0:33 teaspoon of baking powder and a half a

0:36 teaspoon of salt to combine all of that

0:41 together alright and then we're going to

0:42 set that aside and here we have one list

0:46 egg and we're going to add 2/3 cup of

0:48 brown sugar which you just did and

0:50 two-thirds of a cup of white sugar okay

0:52 and combine that with the beaten egg and

0:56 to that we're going to add one teaspoon

0:58 of vanilla and a quarter cup of apple

1:03 sauce here's the magic ingredient to

1:04 make this thing low-fat I see and at

1:07 least I'm sure and moist and here we

1:10 also have a tablespoon of melted butter

1:15 I'm going to combine that with a quarter

1:17 cup of canola oil okay again cutting

1:20 down the cholesterol and fat making

1:23 these healthy I can't argue at the

1:26 healthy

1:27 so once we've mashed that together I'm

1:30 going to pour the oil in okay and just

1:32 incorporated yeah okay keep beating

1:34 alright

1:36 there it smells good yeah isn't it it's

1:39 better I know even a little butter goes

1:41 a long way to play this so once we have

1:45 that together okay we're gonna

1:48 incorporate the dry into the wet okay

1:54 beautiful I'm using your wooden spoon

1:57 now you can enjoy all the ingredients

1:59 together writing and to this am I going

2:01 to add a quarter cup of raisins that I

2:04 have been soaking in some water

2:05 alrighty so let's drain that first

2:08 alright and why are they so 'king water

2:09 we do that so that the raisins are nice

2:11 and moist and plump and especially if

2:13 you have some dry rate its raisins that

2:15 are always which I sometimes do we want

2:17 is a phrase or something about the

2:18 cabinet you just put that in there okay

2:20 and here's this dough it's gonna run a

2:23 little bit cuz it is a very low fat

2:25 dough and then you're gonna just put

2:28 some like this make sure they're spaced

2:30 apart and so Danielle after you've baked

2:32 the cookies and had about 350 degrees

2:34 for about 15 minutes okay this is what

2:37 they will look like can I have one yeah

2:39 thanks Kevin for showing me boots you're

2:42 welcome and for more go to to busy mom's

2:45 gourmet calm

2:50 you