Chocolate Icing Recipe


0:01 My name is Brandon Sarkis on behalf of Expert Village. Today I am going to show you some

0:05 nice and really quick recipes and how to decorate holiday cookies. Now I am going to show you

0:10 how to make a chocolate version. We are just going to take about half of this, about there.

0:19 We are going to take our cocoa powder right into it and slowly stir that in. The thing

0:33 is that the cocoa powder is going to thicken up a little bit so you may need a little bit

0:36 more milk to make this work. We'll see or it may work out just fine. This is a light

0:44 cocoa powder unless you like a darker shade. Something else you can do in a pinch if you

0:53 don't like cocoa powder, you can also use chocolate syrup. It will work as well as powder

1:02 for hot cocoa or hot chocolate. Like the instant stuff you just add hot water. That will work

1:08 too. It won't work as well as regular cocoa powder. The chocolate syrup you have to make

1:13 sure you make it a little too thick before hand because the chocolate syrup will thin

1:16 it out. So now you see is our chocolate frosting and our vanilla icing. All the same batch.

1:25 Just a couple of minutes to knock both of those out. Then like I said if it thickens

1:30 up too much, just a little bit of milk or even a little bit of water if you don't want

1:33 to use milk. You can also make this with water. Tasty. There you go. Just make sure you whip

1:40 all the lumps out and if it is a little too thin, you can always add some more powder

1:42 sugar.