How to Remove Blackheads With Baking Soda


0:00 hello my name is Courtney Gomez I have

0:03 been a makeup artist and skincare

0:05 specialist for upwards of five years and

0:07 today we'll be discussing how to remove

0:09 blackheads with baking soda for this

0:12 you're going to need a cup or Bowl

0:15 you're going to use one part water one

0:18 part baking soda you're going to need

0:22 some type of applicator I have a

0:24 toothbrush here because the soft

0:26 bristles aid and a nice exfoliation as

0:28 well so to get started here I already

0:31 have my glass with some water in it and

0:34 then we're going to use an equal amount

0:36 of baking soda till we produce a paste

0:53 mix it up I actually do want it a little

0:59 bit thicker than that here we go so I'm

1:13 using this end of the toothbrush to UM

1:15 mix it up wipe it off because I'm going

1:23 to want to end up handling that and so

1:27 now I take the toothbrush area saturate

1:30 it and pretending for a moment that my

1:33 hand is my nose or my t-zone area what

1:36 we're going to do is put it on and I'm

1:42 using small circular motions which is as

1:45 I said before going to aid in

1:47 exfoliation but what the baking soda

1:52 actually does it works like a magnet

1:54 almost this over the oil will soak up

1:58 all of the oil and like a magnet soak

2:01 the dirt right out of the pores don't

2:03 forget these are small circular motions

2:05 light you don't want to press down too

2:07 hard you don't want to be breaking the

2:09 skin light exfoliation is enough to

2:12 really put this to work thank you so

2:16 much for watching again my name is

2:18 Courtney Gomez and this was how to

2:20 remove blackheads with baking soda