Hair Removal for Girls


0:04 welcome class to mega nomics 101 today's

0:08 Beauty Vice lesson is hair removal for

0:10 girls there are a million ways to remove

0:14 hair well not a million but a few and

0:16 I'm going to bring them up to you right

0:18 now waxing is one method of hair removal

0:21 for girls I am not really for waxing the

0:25 face anything below the belt like the

0:28 legs a fair game in my opinion it's

0:31 thicker skin it can handle a little bit

0:33 a bit more especially if there's any

0:35 burning or abrasions from the waxing

0:38 it's not right there on your face an

0:40 alternative method to waxing for the

0:42 face is threading so what I'm doing is I

0:46 anchor it at my neck and I make a little

0:49 noose and I'm going to scurry this

0:53 little number over the face and when I

0:55 do whatever comes in front of this it's

0:58 going to be removed so I can go around

1:04 the eyebrows and the temple areas so I

1:06 just press it against the skin and I

1:10 pull up and I can get a pretty good

1:15 amount of hair and this is better for

1:19 your skin than waxing as far as it's not

1:23 ripping off the top layer of the skin

1:25 even though those are dead skin cells

1:27 it's not going to burn her there are

1:32 some drawbacks to threading because you

1:33 can pinch and cut with the string

1:35 especially with very thin strings there

1:39 is a tinkle razor which is very good for

1:42 girls because it doesn't hurt and you

1:44 it's at the ready you just grab it and

1:46 rub it against the face and the

1:49 direction of the hair growth and just

1:52 shave it off it's going to grow back

1:55 blunt it's not going to go back thicker

1:56 it's going to grow back blunt in the

1:58 beginning but once you see those hairs

2:00 sprout you just grab your tinkle razor

2:01 and shave them off get up here not close

2:07 to the brows but in the vicinity temple

2:12 sugaring is a method of hair removal but

2:15 my favorite for eyebrows is tweezing

2:18 we've tweezing I can accurately pick

2:21 exactly which hairs I want learn how to

2:25 properly shape a brow if you're going to

2:27 go in and do this yourself if you can

2:30 afford to have somebody do it chances

2:32 are your tweezer your tweezing artist is

2:35 going to be one of the most experienced

2:38 eyebrow archers those are some of the

2:41 main methods of hair removal for girls

2:44 let me know what you think or what they

2:46 how they work for you in the comments

2:47 class dismissed

2:55 you