10 Fashion Things About Men


0:05 hi I'm Sarah nisperos from coterie and

0:08 this is 10 fashion things about men so

0:11 the coolest thing about men's fashion

0:13 right now is it's the most open it ever

0:16 has been it there's no boundaries

0:17 there's no colors that you have to stick

0:20 to there's no silhouettes really that

0:21 you have to stick to and there's so much

0:23 variety nowadays you just really have to

0:26 focus on knowing your body and knowing

0:28 your message alright so the first thing

0:30 we want to talk about is the pant

0:32 silhouettes there's so many different

0:34 pants silhouettes nowadays there's drop

0:36 crotch there's skinny jeans there's a

0:39 relaxed fit and there's also leggings

0:41 number two we what's really important

0:45 nowadays are the bracelet stacks we want

0:47 to have super high stack bracelets it's

0:49 one of these cool things that men do now

0:51 that they just haven't done before

0:53 number three hats hats are a huge

0:57 especially if you go with a heritage

0:58 bram like goorin brothers you really

1:00 can't go wrong number four we have vest

1:03 vest is a classic and it always it

1:05 brings in the silhouette a little bit

1:06 it's it's a way to firm and it look just

1:09 a little bit sexier number five prints

1:13 on print guys can't go wrong with print

1:15 on print what you need to remember is

1:17 that when you're doing print on print

1:19 that one print needs to be bigger than

1:21 the other one so it's a small print and

1:22 a big print and it's really good number

1:25 six man bags and merces it's all okay

1:29 don't be scared just do it it's going to

1:32 finish off your look and just do it

1:34 number seven outerwear outerwear for men

1:38 is the greatest I often wish that

1:40 women's outerwear was made that the same

1:42 as men's outerwear and there are so many

1:45 different options for that nowadays

1:47 there's hoodies there's Blazers there's

1:49 everything number eight is how you wear

1:52 the stuff it's it's about knowing how to

1:54 roll it's about knowing how to roll your

1:55 sleeve how to roll your pant it's that

1:58 little accent that makes your outfit

1:59 personal number nine graphic tees

2:01 graphic tees are everywhere it's it's a

2:04 really good way to speak your message

2:06 number ten shoes shoes finish everything

2:10 off and again it's one of those things

2:11 that really really should

2:13 your personality so remember when doing

2:17 all these things once again it's about

2:19 knowing your body and knowing your

2:21 message