Is Laser Hair Removal Painful?


0:01 Hi! I'm Aneta Filardo, owner of Winter Park Laser & Anti-Aging Center and I am here on

0:06 behalf of Expert Village. In segment 5, I will be discussing is it painful and is there

0:13 any numbing pains available for the treatment. Most people describe laser hair removal as

0:19 small pin pricks. It is not a painful treatment and is only going skin deep, as deep as a

0:26 hair follicle. Palomar has a cool tip on it so the area is cooled very quickly. There

0:34 are various topicals you can use to non-sensitive areas such as your bikini line. About 30 minutes

0:42 prior to your treatment. Topicane is used by Winter Park Laser. For more tips on laser

0:48 hair removal, check out my segments on Expert Village.