How to Give Psychological Evaluations

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A psychological evaluation can be a helpful tool if used correctly. You must be a licensed psychologist or credentialed school psychologist to give an evaluation. Evaluations are used to best learn how to help a struggling patient by exposing the root causes of behavior. This article will give you tips in giving a psychological evaluation.

Instructions On giving psychological evaluations

Determine that the request is appropriate. A needless exam can do more harm than good, so consider carefully if the test is truly needful to help the patient. Make sure a psychological evaluation is really necessary.

Decide what method of testing to use. These include standardized tests, rating and self-report scales, interviews and observation. Not all may be necessary and you can tailor to fit the specific situation.

Factor in other related scales that might be relevant to your specific patient. Age, sex, race and wealth compared to the local demographic can affect results, as well as social status, physical or mental handicap.

Translate the evaluation for the people requesting it; use layman’s terms and make it clear and easy to understand. Sometimes there are irrelevancies that can be passed over to avoid causing distraction.

Attempt to encourage a plan of action to address any problems found during the evaluation. The person evaluated may need support or treatment to help them get back on track. It may be necessary to refer the person to more qualified mental health professionals for further treatment.