How to Get Over an Ex Girlfriend

by Contributor

If you've recently gone through a breakup, you may be having a rough time getting over your ex girlfriend and moving on with your life. Even if the breakup happened a long time ago, you may still be hanging on to what could've been. Follow these steps to get over your ex girlfriend once and for all.

Accept the fact that your relationship is over. No matter how much it hurts, you can't begin to move on until you fully realize that the two of you aren't getting back together.

Resist the urge to contact her. Talking to or emailing her will just drudge up all of those old feelings.

Take down her pictures and put away other objects that remind you of her. If you have to look at a big, beautiful picture of her on your desk everyday, that clearly won't help you move on.

Keep yourself busy so that you don't think about your ex girlfriend all the time. Spend time with your friends having fun and doing things that you love to do. Work out, play a game of golf, read a good book or watch a movie.

Get back out there and start dating again. It may take a while before you feel ready to do this, but once you're starting to get over your ex girlfriend, it's time to meet some new women and get your life moving again.


  • Stop moping. Of course you're entitled to feel sad after your breakup, but at a certain point, you need to force yourself to get up off the couch and stop feeling sorry for yourself.

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