How to Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back

Dating is a dangerous game. Your heart is on the line. When your relationship fails, especially, emotions run high. Many relationships, however, rekindle after a break-up. Perhaps one or both partners change for the better, or perhaps the couple realizes how much they really mean to one another. Whatever the reason, it is entirely possible to get your ex-girlfriend back after a break-up. There are many reasons why couples break up: Incompatibility issues, unfaithfulness, unfriendliness, inattentiveness, or simply a lack of love. All of these scenarios require slightly different methods to get back together. This article was designed to help the general guy get back together with the general ex-girlfriend.

Make Amends

Call her and apologize. No matter how your relationship ended, there is usually something to apologize for. If you cheated, apologize. If you were cheated on, apologize for the way you reacted or how you behaved, which could have precipitated the unfaithfulness. Tell your ex-girlfriend you are sorry without the expectation of a returned apology.

Meet your ex-girlfriend in a group environment. Have your friends and her friends get together and go to a football game, eat out, or go over to someones house for a get-together. This way there is visual contact without the pressure of talking about your failed relationship.

Keep things light. Laugh, tell jokes, and tease her. When you are in your group situation, have fun. Show your ex-girlfriend why she was attracted to you in the first place. Don't use this time for serious relationship conversation.

Take some time alone with her. Put yourself in a situation toward the end of the night where you are alone with your ex-girlfriend. Give her a ride home, sit outside on the porch with her or go inside to grab snacks with her. Again, don't talk serious, but ask her how she has been.

Take her flowers, personally, to her house and let her know you still have feelings for her. The flower delivery day should not come long after the social group event. If it went well, don't wait longer than two days. If it didn't go very well, wait four to seven days.