How to Know If a Friend Is Romantically Interested in You

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The longest-lasting love affairs often blossom from friendship, but deciding whether to take the relationship to the next level can be complicated. You might wonder, "Does she like me?" "If she does, do I like her back?" "What if things don't work out -- will it ruin the friendship?" "Is it worth the risk?" Before you pull your hair out trying to foretell the future, follow a few tips to decide whether a romance is even possible. Look for clues that your (maybe) beloved loves you back.

Notice the eye contact your friend gives you. Does she steal furtive glances in your direction and then look away when noticing you notice her noticing you? Does she give you long, lingering glances or seem unable to meet your eyes at all? All of the above could be signs your friend has a crush on.

Pay attention to whether your friend touches you often. Does he hug you hello and goodbye? Kiss you softly on the cheek in greeting? Sling his arm around you when you're walking together or pat you on the shoulder or thigh when sharing a joke? Does he move your hair out of your face or dab mustard from your cheek? Any of these gestures might mean he's feeling more than friendly toward you.

Ask yourself about your friend's phone habits with you. Does she call you for no particular reason, day or night? Does she listen attentively to everything you have to say? Does she return all your calls, texts and voice mails immediately? Does she end or ignore phone conversations with other people so she can talk to you? If so, your friend might want to develop your relationship into romance.

Think back to the time you and your friend spend together. Does he usually initiate your meetings? Does he come up with activities and events for the two of you to do together. Does he invite you to his house often or come up with reasons to come to yours? If your friend always wants to be in your company, maybe its because you're in his heart.

Observe how attentive your friend is toward you. Does she remember your birthday? The anniversary of the day you got your driver's license? Does she know your favorite ice cream flavor or how many sugars you put in your tea? Does she know how you got that scar on your forehead or how much money your grandma sends every year on your birthday? If your friend makes space in her mind for all your details, chances are she thinks about you romantically.