How to Get My Ex Back on a Date

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The dissolution of a relationship can be an incredibly stressful experience, but a break-up does not necessarily mean the end of your bond with an ex. If you still have lingering feelings for your former partner, you can attempt to ask them out on a date to help repair what went wrong in your relationship. Fixing a broken bond is not always straightforward, but being up front about your feelings with your ex during a personal date is an important beginning step.

Step 1

Email, text message or use a social media network to touch base with your ex. This method of communication is less intrusive than an outright phone call. Ask them how they are doing, what has been going on since you have been broken up and if they have any news to share. Don't be aggressive or confrontational, this first communication is meant to show that you still care about their well-being and also illustrate that you don't have any lingering ill-will.

Step 2

Prepare your plans for the date. Find a restaurant to eat in, movie to watch or just a neutral meeting place like a coffee shop. It is important to have this information ready when you finally do speak with your ex; asking them on a date must seem like a mindful decision and not just an idle desire to "hang out" with them again.

Step 3

Call your former partner on the phone. Your initial communication laid the groundwork for this talk and speaking to them on the phone -- or in person -- is the only appropriate way to ask your ex back out on a date. Be honest about your reasons for wanting to see them again and propose your plan for the date. If you appropriately and maturely handle this phone call, your ex will be much likelier to agree to your proposed date.