Edible Vegetable Arrangement: Preparing Carrots


0:01 Today we're going to make this beautiful vegetable flower centerpiece in crudites. Not only is

0:07 it a fabulous centerpiece for your table, it is a unique way to serve your vegetable

0:12 crudites. The basket is stuffed full of fresh vegetable sticks ready for dipping. And the

0:19 flowers are made of an assortment of root vegetables. All edible. Including sweet potatoes,

0:25 turnip, radish and kohlrabi. We'll start by preparing some carrot rounds. You want to

0:31 peel some carrots up. You want to use some skinny ones and some fat ones. So we'll peel

0:38 those and then we're going to cut a whole bunch of little rounds that we'll use for

0:46 making our flowers. So you'll want to cut off the ends. And then you want to cut a slice.

0:56 About a quarter inch slice like that. Into little rounds. You want quite a few of these

1:03 because you need two for each flower. And it depends on how many flowers you want to

1:08 make. If you want a nice full basket of flowers, you're going to make a lot of flowers. And

1:14 then you just set those aside. And then I'll show you how to slice the root vegetables

1:20 for the flower petals.