Easy Ground Beef Chili Recipe


0:05 my name is Chris antes a personal chef

0:08 for the chef for you to have and I'm

0:10 here in beautiful El Cajon San Diego

0:11 California at a shared commercial

0:13 kitchen and today I'd like to show you

0:15 how to make a very easy ground beef

0:18 chili as a matter of fact it's so easy I

0:20 already have it done one of the quickest

0:22 things I learned when I was starting my

0:24 career and the way it starts out was

0:27 well kind of like anything when you're

0:29 using ground beef it's always best to

0:31 cook it ahead of time so as I have this

0:34 sauteing off in my pan I add all the

0:38 seasonings to it which I makes a nice

0:40 little chili powder concoction and you

0:43 can go out and buy your favorite kind

0:45 and sprinkle it on there and let it cook

0:46 a little salt and pepper then you will

0:48 drain off all the extra grease that's

0:51 come out of the fat from the ground beef

0:53 and then I really simply throw in a can

0:57 of tomato sauce and also a can of cooked

1:00 black beans and then basically you just

1:03 let it warm through and kind of reduce

1:05 down so it gets this nice consistency so

1:13 you end up with a perfect dish that

1:16 especially now in the winter it'll warm

1:19 you right up or for any time that people

1:21 get together to hang out you can't beat

1:23 a good chili