Easy Chili Recipe With Canned Chili


0:00 I am chef Cassie and this is an easy

0:08 chili recipe using canned chili canned

0:11 chili is very easy to use in its

0:13 versatile tool you can use it in lots of

0:15 different dishes today I'm going to make

0:17 you an enchilada casserole let's get

0:20 started on the stovetop

0:21 I've already browned the ground beef now

0:23 I've added some stucco seasoning to the

0:26 meat as well as some diced tomatoes with

0:28 green chili I'm gonna cook this for

0:30 about 10 minutes on a medium-high and

0:33 then I'm going to assemble my enchilada

0:36 casserole okay we're gonna start by

0:38 putting some chili on the bottom of our

0:40 pan take it and just spread it all over

0:43 next I'm gonna add some corn tortillas

0:45 that I've already torn into bite-size

0:48 pieces and you just want to layer the

0:51 bottom of your pan with the corn

0:52 tortillas and then to make the corn

0:55 tortillas a little bit soft I like to

0:59 add a little chicken broth it also

1:02 brings a nice little flavor to the dish

1:06 then you want to add your ground beef

1:09 mixture that has the tomatoes all over

1:12 you're gonna give it a nice layer and

1:15 you want to top that with cheese I have

1:19 a Fiesta cheese as well as a sharp

1:22 cheddar and then you want to repeat the

1:26 same exact steps start with the corn

1:29 tortillas add your chicken broth to make

1:32 your tortillas pliable another layer of

1:35 the ground beef mixture and again you

1:37 want to cover it with cheese then you

1:40 want to top your cheese with a little

1:43 bit more chili you want to just smooth

1:45 it out as best you can all over the top

1:48 of your casserole thing you want to take

1:51 it and bake it in the oven on 350

1:54 degrees for approximately 15 minutes and

1:57 now you can enjoy this simple enchilada

1:59 casserole made from canned chili

2:03 you