How to Do a Background Check on a New Boyfriend

by braniac

Finding a new boyfriend is hard enough, but finding a good guy that you can take home to your parents is even harder. On the surface your new boyfriend might look like the perfect guy, but you have no idea what's hiding below. He might be married, have children, or even worse have a criminal record. Trust me when I say that no matter how great your new boyfriend might seem on the surface, there's always a chance that he's hiding something below the surface. You might not realize it, but you can easily do research or a background check on your new boyfriend without him knowing.

Start out by doing an internet search on your boyfriend's name using Google. You should do several searches using different combinations of their first, middle, and last name. For example if their name is John David Smith, use John Smith, John David Smith, and David Smith. If he has a name that can easily be shortened like Steven, use other combinations like Steve Smith, etc.

Find the state correctional website for the state you live in and any states your boyfriend has lived in during the past. Nearly every state allows you to search their records to find current inmates and past inmates and most records include a picture. This helps you find your boyfriend and verify that is him if he's listed.

Visit the website of your county court system and look for any links they include to records searches. These are usually listed as "public records search". You can search through county and city court records to find out if your boyfriend has ever been arrested or has any tickets. You can also see how they handled the situation and if they paid any fines they might have received.

Look through the court records for neighboring cities and counties as well. Just because your boyfriend has a clean record in your county or city doesn't mean he has a clean record everywhere. You should also check any big cities you have nearby or any city that he mentions visiting or living in the past.


  • Doing a background check on your new boyfriend is much easier if you know their exact birthday and their middle name. This way you can weed out any people with similar names that you might come across.


  • Clear out your browsing history and delete your searches if your boyfriend uses your computer. The last thing you want is him to find out that you're searching around behind his back for information on him.