Derma Planning Skin Treatments


0:00 Hi my name is Mary Thinnes and I am a skin care expert. The next professional treatment

0:05 that is done with a licensed professional is derma planning. Derma planning is actually

0:11 a way of exfoliating the skin but at the same time getting rid of the little peach fuzz,

0:17 little tiny hairs that women have around on their cheeks, their chin, and around their

0:21 lip. This is actually a noninvasive way of getting rid of it. Basically what you do is

0:26 the skin is already clean and prepped with the cleanser, the toner, and the papaya. You

0:32 are going to take the skin and you are going to hold it taut and the reason is that you

0:36 don't want to cut the skin and if the skin is held like that and I am going to use a

0:40 little bit of a razor over the top then it is going to cut the skin. You want to definitely

0:44 hold it taut and hold their face sideways and you are just kind of going to go up on

0:49 the skin. You can kind of hear it but as you can see it is getting rid of the excess hair

0:59 but on top of it you are getting the same benefits of having exfoliation done as well.

1:05 So doing a papaya in conjunction with derma planning is not as necessary because you are

1:12 already doing your exfoliation right now in this treatment. That being said this was the

1:17 derma planning professional treatment.