How to Deal With an Addictive Personality

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Addiction was once considered a psychological disease of excess and gluttony; however the past half century has proved that it's very much a physiological disease with roots in brain wiring and chemistry. While no miracle drug exists to cure the addict, there are various methods of therapy and behavior modifications shown to help the addict treat his or her particular compulsion. It's important to understand the difficulty and complexity of such behaviors, however, before one can hope for successful treatment.

Resisting Addictive Behavior

Self-awareness is the strongest weapon against the addictive personality. Being completely in tune with actions, behaviors and reactions will set the foundation for a successful life free from addiction. Studying oneself in order to recognize what circumstances trigger the need to fulfill an addiction will allow one to avoid such dangers, no matter if they're psychical, emotional or chemical.

Communication is crucial in coping with an addictive personality. An addict faces a lifelong battle in combating their behaviors, and like any arduous fight, this one shouldn't be fought alone. Friends, family members and significant others should all be aware of what's in the best interest of the addict and should all be willing to assist the addict in maintaining a clean and healthy lifestyle.

As addiction is never truly cured, one of the most important things anyone with an addictive personality can have is perseverance. There will definitely be times of difficulty and sadness, and it's paramount that the addict is able to recognize these times as temporary. This will allow them to continue to concentrate on strengthening resolve to fight through the hard times.