Cold Pea Salad


0:07 hi I'm chef Amy hoagie and I'm here to

0:10 teach you how to play with food where I

0:12 take a classic recipe change it up a

0:14 little bit to create a whole new dish

0:16 today I'm playing with pea salads sweet

0:18 pea salads and so what I'm going to be

0:20 making today is a cold Pease Aled so

0:22 we've got some frozen peas I thought out

0:25 a little bit about 3/4 of a cup this is

0:28 a like a one-person maybe a 2 person

0:30 serving I've got some red red cabbage

0:33 finely chopped I've got a little bit of

0:36 red onion but maybe about a tablespoon

0:38 it's all in what you really like then

0:40 I'm going to go ahead and add well a

0:42 good tablespoon of the mayonnaise and

0:45 then I've got some dill some dried dill

0:50 kind of like that flavor there we go

0:52 some salt salt kind of brightens it up

0:55 and then a little bit of pepper all I

0:58 need to do is mix it up that's kind of

1:00 easy huh you can do this and the purple

1:04 and the green look really nice together

1:07 all right shake it down a little bit

1:16 there you go cold pea salad thanks for

1:19 joining me I'm chef ami hoagie for more

1:21 information you can visit me on my

1:22 website at chef ami

1:24 with two E's calm

1:27 you