How to Cook a Boneless Roast


0:04 hi I'm chef Lala and I'm gonna teach you

0:07 how to cook a bonus beef roast a bonus

0:10 roast which is inexpensive it can be

0:12 tenderloin sirloin tip roast

0:14 I have round roast or a ribeye usually

0:17 it's marbled with fat throughout which

0:18 makes it very tender and hearty I like

0:21 to use salary I've watched my produce

0:26 ahead of time and I just give it a rough

0:28 chop and then some carrots I like to

0:35 leave all the the peels on there so that

0:38 I can get all my vitamins and then I'm

0:42 gonna have some vegetables afterwards to

0:44 serve with my roast and then some

0:45 potatoes like to use the red ones and

0:52 some onion this is a brown anyways now

1:02 you can add some root vegetables there's

1:04 never any rules with recipes you can add

1:06 whatever you like or subtract it it's

1:08 just a recommendation from a chef Hiep

1:12 an onion here we go it's all up we don't

1:17 want to add any water to the bottom of

1:18 this because this is gonna be nice and

1:19 juicy enough I'm gonna take my rose so

1:22 I'm gonna season it with a little bit of

1:23 oil I'm using some flavored oil Chipotle

1:29 salt

1:35 pepper Mexican oregano I'm going to

1:41 rough chop some garlic rub all that

1:56 stuff in there on both sides

2:08 nice and delicious yummy stuff I want to

2:11 put it fat side up on an open roaster

2:13 you don't want to add water you want to

2:15 start the oven at 425 for 10 minutes

2:18 then you want to lower it for 325 it's

2:21 about 20 minutes for rare per pound and

2:23 30 minutes for medium once the roast was

2:28 done I let it stand fifteen minutes

2:30 before I start to cut it see how I said

2:33 not to add any water there's plenty of

2:35 juices there if you'd like you can get a

2:36 little cornstarch to thicken it take the

2:38 vegetables out taking it you have a nice

2:40 little sauce so we want to do is cut it

2:52 we're going to place it on the platter

2:57 and surround it with our vegetables pour

3:16 some of this wonderful juice on top

3:21 I'm chef Lala I hope you enjoyed how to

3:24 cook boneless beef roast