Chicken Pot Pie Pie Crust Recipe


0:05 hi this is Angie from Angie southern

0:07 kitchen and today we're going to learn

0:09 how to make a pot pie crust recipe and

0:13 this is a crust I really like and I've

0:15 used it on all my pies and all my crust

0:18 and it works really well it's enough to

0:21 give you a two tops so that you can have

0:24 two casseroles with one top or you can

0:25 do a bottom and a top and in this recipe

0:29 we have three cups of all-purpose flour

0:32 one teaspoon of salt and we get 13

0:37 tablespoons of really cold butter and I

0:39 cube it and then I get my lard and I put

0:44 it in the freezer so that it stays nice

0:45 and firm and this is what makes your pie

0:49 crust flaky and tender is it doing this

0:52 little extra step and then I use three

0:55 tablespoons of lard and I know people

0:58 don't want to use lard well it really

1:00 does make a difference in your pie crust

1:01 it makes it taste better it makes it

1:04 perform better and it makes it flaky and

1:06 it just gives it a wonderful taste it's

1:07 only 3 tablespoons so you can tell the

1:10 difference this is 1 teaspoon of salt

1:13 we're going to put that in and then I

1:15 put my butter 13 tablespoons and 3

1:19 tablespoons of lard what's really cold

1:21 and we're going to put it in the food

1:22 processor and I like to pulse it okay

1:26 you can see the butter in here you don't

1:29 want to chop up all of the butter you

1:32 want to maybe go a little bit more

1:34 because that's what makes the flaky

1:36 layers so I'm going to give it just a

1:39 little bit more and then I'm going to

1:41 start adding my water today I had to add

1:44 8 tablespoons but I would start with 6

1:48 and see if it's where you need it it

1:50 depends on how humid it is outside where

1:52 you live how much water the flower has

1:54 in it but to me when the dough it still

1:57 looks like sand but you want it to look

2:00 like that because that gives you all

2:01 your flaky layers but when it holds

2:03 together like this then that tells you

2:05 that it's it's it's adawn it's got

2:07 enough water and it's been processed

2:09 enough and then at this point I take it

2:12 and I put it in

2:13 two different containers and then put it

2:15 in the refrigerator and let it rest so

2:17 I'm going to divide this into two equal

2:19 portions and let it put it in

2:21 refrigerator and let it rest after you

2:23 roll your pie crust out you can put it

2:25 in a round pan a square pan or oblong

2:28 pan whatever you're going to bake in

2:30 there fruit or chicken and you put it in

2:34 your pan and then you cut the excess off

2:36 and in this recipe there's enough for a

2:38 top and a bottom or two separate pies

2:41 again this is Angie and you just learned

2:44 how to make a chicken pot pie crust

2:47 recipe