Family-Size Chicken Pot Pie Recipe


0:07 hi I'm Laurie Fangio with around the

0:10 table and I'm a food blogger and chef

0:12 instructor and today I'm in the kitchen

0:15 showing you how to make a family-size

0:17 chicken pot pie it's gonna be

0:19 scrumptious and satisfying okay so I'm

0:22 in the kitchen to make the family size

0:24 chicken pot pie and I want to tell you

0:26 what I've already done I started by

0:28 putting about 3 tablespoons of butter in

0:30 my saucepan and I melted it and then I

0:33 added about 3 tablespoons of flour to

0:35 create a roux and this is what's gonna

0:37 give our sauce its thickening agent and

0:40 we go ahead and we cook that for just a

0:42 few minutes I've added some salt and

0:43 some pepper and we want to just cook it

0:45 a little while to get the raw flour

0:48 taste off of it and then what I've done

0:51 is I've added my chicken stock and I

0:54 added about a cup and a half of chicken

0:56 stock that had already been warm that

0:57 lets it go in the sauce very easily and

1:00 helps it to start to thicken and now I'm

1:03 going to add the rest of my liquid and

1:05 it's it's milk and you can use skim milk

1:08 whole milk fat-free half-and-half

1:10 whatever you like but I'm just gonna go

1:12 ahead and stir this in and my heat is on

1:16 about low to medium and it's amazing

1:20 that flour it's just gonna absolutely

1:21 thicken all that liquid up I want to go

1:24 ahead and add some seasonings in and

1:26 what I'm adding right now is some grated

1:28 onion and I like to use grated onion in

1:31 this dish because I like there to be

1:32 onion flavor but I don't want chunks of

1:35 onion in my chicken pot pie so I'm

1:37 adding that in and all you do is just

1:39 use the cheese grater to grate that and

1:41 then I'm gonna add some ground sage and

1:43 I just like sage and you can see quite a

1:45 bit of sage I like sage with chicken

1:47 dishes and especially creamy chicken

1:49 dishes I don't know it just kind of

1:51 reminds me of Thanksgiving or something

1:53 so that's all I'm gonna do and I'm just

1:56 gonna let this kind of cook and thicken

1:59 up and it's amazing just how fast that

2:02 happens and then I'm gonna go ahead and

2:04 add the rest of my ingredients and so

2:07 what I have is some vegetables that I've

2:10 steamed and these are already cooled I

2:12 have one potato the

2:13 I've cubed I have about a cup of carrots

2:17 and I have some celery and I just put

2:19 those in a pot and I steam them in

2:21 advance because I don't want them to be

2:23 hard and this dish is not going to cook

2:25 long enough to really tenderize the

2:26 vegetables so I've just cooked them in

2:29 advance by steaming now with my corn

2:32 I want my corn in my peas to be really

2:34 tender crisp so I didn't cook them in

2:36 advance I'm just going to add them now

2:38 and I like to use frozen corn and frozen

2:41 peas I think you know they're just a

2:44 little more crisp in the dish and

2:46 there's such a beautiful color and

2:48 they're right out of the field so that's

2:49 how I like to do it you could always use

2:51 canned though if you want to and then I

2:53 have chicken that's also been cooked and

2:55 cut into cubes and I'm just going to add

2:57 that right in and this is the filling

3:00 for our chicken pot pie so my sauce is

3:03 thickened and it's heated all the way

3:05 through and what I've done is I've just

3:06 poured it into my dish that already has

3:09 a crust in it so I've got the bottom

3:11 layer of crust and now I'm going to add

3:13 the top layer of crust and I like to

3:16 just use prepared crust and even though

3:18 my dish is square the round ones work

3:20 just fine I'm going to show you how I do

3:22 it I'm just actually going to lay it

3:24 right on top and just kind of mash it

3:27 around so that the bottom layer of crust

3:32 and the top layer of crust come together

3:35 okay so that's it I've got my top crust

3:38 on and now I'm just going to go ahead

3:40 and prick the top with the fork and what

3:42 this is going to do is let the steam

3:44 rise and I'm gonna put this in the oven

3:46 in 400 degrees and cook it until it's

3:48 nice and brown about 25 minutes when the

3:51 chicken potpie comes out of the oven you

3:53 won't have to call anyone to dinner

3:55 because it's gonna look and smell

3:56 amazing

3:57 and once again I'm Laurie fangio and

4:00 we've been in the kitchen making a

4:01 family-size chicken pot pie take some

4:04 time to get your family around the

4:06 dinner table you'll be glad you did