Clever Ways to Ask a Friend to Be a Bridesmaid

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You are newly engaged and now it is your turn to pop the, "Will you be my bridesmaid?" question to your friend. She was there for you through countless bad dates and tragic break ups, and now it is time to ask her to stand by your side once more on your wedding day. Choosing a clever way to ask your friend to be a bridesmaid demonstrates how much you value her and your friendship, according to

Say Your "I Love Views"

Search through old photos and select images from your best memories together over the years. Create a slideshow with the pictures, turn it into a video and then upload it to YouTube. On the last slide, write a message that says, "You have been an amazing part of my past and now I'd like you to become part of my future. Will you be my bridesmaid?" The video will become something you both can view and share with your friends and families for years to come.

The Way We Were

Think about the time and place you became friends. Was it in the dorms at college or as co-workers at the hot dog stand in the mall? Wherever your story began, take her back to that place for a surprise visit. While you are there talking and sharing about the good times, ask her to join you on your big day as a bridesmaid. This can become a full circle moment for your friendship as you embark on this next chapter of your life as a bride-to-be.

Make Her a Movie Star

Invite your friend over for an impromptu girls-night-in to discuss your wedding plans and flip through bridal magazines over takeout. Choose wedding themed romantic comedies such as "27 Dresses" or "Bridesmaids" to play in the background and add to the fun. When the movies are over, say to her, "How about we make our own movie together! Will you become a part of the supporting cast of my wedding day and be my bridesmaid?"

Use Your Words

In this era of technology-based communication, writing a handwritten letter has nearly become a lost art. However, according to, handwritten personal letters are still a treat to receive. Head to your local arts and crafts store to purchase elegant stationary and matching envelopes. Write her a letter expressing how much she means to you and tell her that you couldn't imagine planning the wedding, picking out your dress and walking down the aisle without her there every step of the way. Add a monogrammed stationary gift with her initials to sweeten the deal.