Characteristics of Lambskin Leather

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All real leather is made from the hide of animals. The type of animal the hide comes from determines many of its characteristics while others are determined by the curing, dying and sewing processes. Lambskin leather is used a great deal in fashion, and is made into gloves, jackets, pants and other articles of clothing.


Lambskin leather is often used to create very lightweight leather. This makes it very suitable for fashionable items such as pants or coats that you need to wear throughout the day. The leather is as light as most other materials that such garments would be made out of. This prevents the problem presented by cowhide leather jackets like those worn by bikers, which are much heavier. Nappa leather is a high-quality leather type made from lambskin used in fashion garments.


Not all leathers are as thin as lambskin. With other leathers, trying to work the product to the thinness of lambskin results in a product that will simply tear and not be practical for making clothing. Lambskin, on the other hand, is so thin that it makes some of the highest quality dress gloves around. The leather is thin and very supple, so that the hand can still feel and grip things easily while wearing the glove.


Lambskin is used to create a number of different types of leather and responds well to different leather processing methods. For instance, doeskin is not usually made from the skin of a doe. Instead, lambskin is often used. Antelope finish leather is another type made from lambskin instead. Leather makers treat the lambskin with special chemicals and processes in order to make it look like doe or antelope skin.


One of the problems with lambskin is that it will stretch over time. This creates problems with garments that are worn frequently. If the piece doesn't fit right it will distort over time. This creates sagging or ill-fitting clothes. Ensure lambskin garments are stored in a way where they are not being stretched, or they may stay that way.


Lambskin is usually easy to identify by touch. Unlike other leathers which may feel stiff, rugged or strong, lambskin is typically soft and delicate to the touch. This makes it very comfortable as a garment. The finishing method used on the leather dictates the softness to a degree, however. Nappa leather made from lambskin, for example, is very soft.