Can You Freeze Watermelon Chunks?


0:06 hi I'm Linda partial fitness trainer and

0:09 personal chef I'm often asked can you

0:12 freeze watermelon chunks the answer is

0:14 yes and I'm going to show you some

0:16 creative delicious ways to serve your

0:18 frozen watermelon cut your watermelon

0:21 into cubes the flesh only and place on a

0:24 cookie sheet or baking tray put in the

0:28 freezer at least overnight once they are

0:30 frozen

0:31 take the cubes and put them into

0:32 smoothies or mixed drinks or you can put

0:36 toothpicks in each cube put them out on

0:39 a tray serve it chilled and enjoy

0:46 you