Can You Dye Human Hair Extensions?

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You can usually dye extensions made of human hair (maybe not synthetic, though). One good aspect of human hair extensions is that you can treat them much like your own hair when dying. Just check with your stylist and the instructions with the extensions and hair product.

Don't Bleach

Harsh treatments such as bleaching may dissolve the bonding agent used for the extensions.


If you want a natural look, choose hair dye close to the extensions' color. If the extensions have been previously processed, they may have different results from the dye.


Dye a few strands first to see if you like the results.


It can ruin results to apply two types of chemicals, such as a perm and dye, to hair in a short time period. Choose one or wait the instructed time (usually a couple weeks) before applying the other product.


Hair extensions can be dyed the same way as natural hair and then cared for the same way as well. A salon expert can dye your extensions to ensure all your hair is the same color or that you achieve your desired mix of colors.