How Can I Stop Being Treated Like One of the Guys?

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While being treated just like one of the guys can have its perks, it can become annoying when this isn’t your desire. You may feel a variety of negative emotions when your guy friends fail to acknowledge or appreciate your femininity. This may include actions such as overlooking you for dates or engaging you with offensive jokes. Learn how to assert your femininity without alienating your guy friends.

Expressing Yourself

Approach your guy friends in a straightforward manner to avoid awkward silences. Explain that while you enjoy their friendship, you would appreciate it they respected your femininity. Providing specific examples of treatment that you’d like to stop can eliminate confusion. Avoid getting angry if your initial requests are met with indifference or disbelief, as altering the way others view you may take time.


Modify your physical appearance and mannerisms. While you don’t have to become a powder-puff princess, taking the time to look the part may prove effective. Understand that guys are visual and are more likely to stop treating you like one of the guys if you look and act more feminine. This includes actions such as trading in athletic gear for dresses or maintaining a lovely set of nails.

Realize that your communication style plays an integral part of how others view you. This is especially true when trying to change your image. Acting more “ladylike” includes taking stock of your current speaking style. Lose bad habits such as cursing or speaking with an aggressive tone.

Embracing Femininity

Make friends with girls that your guy friends wouldn’t treat like just one of the boys. This serves to break you away from your usual activities. It also forces them to see you in new environments. Participating in social activities and hobbies with girlfriends allows you to make rewarding friendships with people that will treat you like just one of the girls.