How Can I Show Him That I'm Girlfriend Material?

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After searching high and low, you have finally found a potential boyfriend. You are sure that you want him, but you are not sure about his feelings for you. If you show him that you are girlfriend material, you will be certain to avoid the dreaded “friend zone.” By displaying your inner qualities that appeal to him and not wasting time on things that do not matter, you will be well on the road to girlfriend status.

Confidence Is Key

One of the most attractive things about a woman is her confidence. It is really quite simple -- if you don’t question your beauty, your intelligence and all those amazing characteristics you have to offer, neither will he. Embrace your intelligence as a woman and stand fearlessly as equals by his side, says Alexandra Churchill in “The Top Ten Qualities Men Are Secretly Looking For In A Girlfriend,” on

Supermodels Need Not Apply

Regardless of what you have read or heard, the supermodel look -- full of beauty but lacking in brains -- is not what makes you girlfriend material. Being a supportive partner is one certain way to show him you could be his. When you are aware of what he is going through --whether he had to fight his way through traffic -- it becomes easy to be supportive of him by giving him an unsolicited hug and kiss. Try to reassure, communicate with and be patient with him if you want to deepen your relationship, encourages Suzanne Lachmann, a clinical psychologist, in “Men in Relationships: Five Simple Categories,” on Psychology Today's website.

Play it Cool

If you have a good relationship, you should be comfortable sitting with him and doing nothing. You can show him how comfortable you are with your relationship by responding well in different situations. For example, be patient when he doesn’t respond to your text immediately. Also, guys like girls with a sense of humor, particularly if they are the ones making you laugh. So laugh at his jokes even if they are not that funny. Make the effort to look your best. Wear that dress that makes you feel like a knock-out. If you feel sexy, he will notice.

Be Yourself

There are many different types of women. You want to find a man who appreciates your characteristics and personality for what they are. If you are the epitome of femininity and love to accentuate your features -- embrace it. Maybe you are the strong, independent and intellectual type. If so, flaunt your brainy self. Since he already knows you, there is no need to hide from who you are. Men love women who embrace their own unique qualities.