How to Build the Liberator Shapes

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You can build a variety of Liberator Shapes by carving and covering large blocks of foam. Liberator Shapes are designed to comfortably cradle the male or female body in a variety positions. Couples use the soft and durable pillow shapes to align their bodies in a many different intimate situations. Make your own Liberator Shapes to custom create the perfect form that makes the alone time you spend with your partner even more relaxing.

Step 1

Visit the Liberator website to find the Shape you want to build at home. Draw a simple sketch of the design that includes a side angle view and zipper placement.

Step 2

Draw the side view of the Liberator Shape on a foam block with a permanent marker. A protractor is helpful when drawing the 35 degree angle used in the Liberator Wedge and other Shapes. Follow the edge of a ruler to keep the outline straight.

Step 3

Carve the foam block with an electric knife to cut away all the excess material. Pry the foam material off the blades of the knife to reduce the pressure on them as they cut deeper into the foam. Vacuum the surface of the carved foam with the hose attachment to remove all the tiny loose particles.

Step 4

Set the carved foam on a large piece of micro-suede fabric with the side you want to see on the completed cover facing toward the floor. Use tailor's chalk to draw an outline of each side of the foam piece that is half an inch larger on all sides than the actual panel.

Step 5

Cut out the cloth panels and sew all the seams together except the seam where the zipper will be added using strong upholstery thread. Turn the cover inside out to hide the chalk markings and sewn seams. Attach a zipper to the last open seam in the same position as the Liberator Shape that was the inspiration.

Step 6

Compress the carved foam as you slide it into the cover and close the zipper. Build a variety of Liberator Shapes to combine them into multiple constructions.