Broccoli Rice Casserole Recipe


0:04 hi my name is Chris antes a personal

0:07 chef for the chef for you to have calm

0:08 and I'm at the conscious cook kitchen to

0:10 show you a great recipe how to make a

0:12 broccoli and rice casserole so what I'm

0:15 gonna do is in the mixing bowl it's

0:17 gonna be really simple we're gonna add

0:21 some broccoli florets I've got a little

0:26 precooked brown basmati rice in there

0:32 okay we'll give it a just a little mix

0:34 and now we're gonna season it up with

0:36 some salt and pepper

0:42 and then we're gonna use this cheese

0:45 we're gonna put a little bit in here to

0:47 mix it I'm gonna transfer this into this

0:53 little baking dish and just the cheese

1:01 mixed in with there with the rice as it

1:05 bakes will help hold everything together

1:12 and make that really delicious okay so

1:16 we've got everything in there we're

1:17 gonna get the last of the cheese here

1:24 okay and this will go in the oven at 350

1:28 it'll bake for about 20-25 minutes you

1:32 want just all the cheese to melt

1:34 everything the rice is precooked ahead

1:37 of time and the broccoli while it's

1:39 fresh will cook really quick in the oven

1:41 so you get this wonderful product like

1:44 this other little casserole dish I have

1:46 and it makes a great side dish

1:51 you