How to Be Popular in 6th Grade

Everyone wants to be in with the popular kids. Deciding to become more popular may take a lot of courage, but with determination and friendliness, you can do it. Becoming popular while in sixth grade means becoming friendlier, and still sticking to your own convictions- not doing just anything to gain popularity.

Be real. Don't pretend to be someone you aren't. People can tell when someone is genuine and when someone is being fake. When you are real with people, and not afraid to let them see the real you, you will also be being friendlier by letting them closer. When you are in middle school, it is easier to become popular if you just be yourself. Other kids like to know that they are becoming friends with someone who they can trust to not be fake.

Be honest, but not hurtful. When you are honest with your friends, they will come to appreciate you and your advice. If a friend asks your opinion, and you lie, he will eventually realize that you lied. You can be honest in a nice way, without hurting the feelings of others.

Be a good friend. The more of a good friend you are, the more people who will want to be your friends. It takes being a friend in order to have friends. Friends treat their friends with respect, and with kindness. No gossiping, talking behind backs, or being two-faced. This may be hard to stick to when you are in middle school, but doing your best to be a good friend by sticking up for your friends, even when they are being picked on, will make others want to be your friend. A good friend is loyal, even when others don't like your friends, or pick on them. If you are truly their friend, you will stand up for them.

Like yourself. the first rule in being liked by others is to like yourself. If there are things you don't like about yourself, you can try to change those things, one thing at a time. If you have a habit of talking about people, you might want to try to stop. If you are too shy to really make friends, then maybe you should practice talking to someone new each day. Changing the things you don't like into things you do like may take some work, but it will be worth it.

Make friends with the right people. When you begin trying to be popular in sixth grade, it might be tempting to make friends with everyone. This is not a good idea. Being popular with people who are good for you, and you are good for them, is the best idea.