Appreciation Breakfast Ideas

Appreciation breakfasts can be held to celebrate your hard-working employees. But don't put on a boring, standard event--step it up to show your esteem. Add a few details to the event so that everyone will have an enjoyable time and leave feeling truly appreciated.


You are here to show your employees that you appeciate them and acknowledge what they do for the company every day. So the first thing your employees should see when they sit down at your appreciation breakfast is a thank you.

Put custom printed notecards at each place setting with the name of the employee written on the front. Inside each person will find a handwritten, personal message from you or other management personnel. Don't just say "Thank you for your hard work" in the note—make the message specific to the individual. For instance, you could talk about the first time you met or interviewed the employee. If there was a past project that he did a wonderful job on, include it. You might say that you want the employee to be an integral part of your organization.

Barber Shop Quartet

To add a special flair to your appreciation breakfast, hire a traditional barbershop quartet. Have the quartet sing an upbeat song, perhaps one that includes the name of each individual employee. Keep the content humorous yet professional. This is an idea that will bring a smile to each attendee's face and help to loosen up the group in preparation for a fun and upbeat event.

Meal of Her Choice

Usually at formal meals there is a menu of two or three different choices. Take it a step further at your appreciation breakfast by allowing each honoree to choose the exact omlette that she wants. Offer a range of possible toppings and ingredients. Then have the meal prepared fresh, cooked to the desires of each person you are honoring. Your employee will appreciate the fact that you went out of your way to meet her needs and make her feel special.