Adult Unisex Gifts

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A multitude of gifts exist that can make either a man or woman happy, allowing you to offer a gift that does not imply gender stereotypes. Unisex gifts also allow you to purchase gifts ahead of time to keep in safe storage and have them on hand for unexpected gift-giving opportunities.


At the end of a long day, sometimes the perfect gift is one of relaxation. Massage therapists have training in a variety of therapeutic massage techniques, including deep-tissue and sports massage. They also typically allow the purchase of gift certificates for a specified number of hours or visits. Intimate gift givers can also find resources on the Internet and libraries that teach introductory massage techniques to allow for a personal massage at home. Homemade massage oils are not difficult to make; you can often find them at health stores. Regardless of the type of massage and oil used, this gift is one of custom relaxation.


When looking for a unisex gift for an adult, do not exclude the gift of laughter. For the person who has everything, consider a 14-inch stuffed doll that looks just like her; you must simply provide a photo and some information, such as clothing requirements. For Mr. and Ms. Fix-It, a tool belt designed to hold a six-pack of beer will surely draw a laugh. You can also give memberships to humor-based companies that will send a joke of the day to an email address or cell phone. If all else fails, give a book of jokes to offer hours of laughter.


When looking for a gift that creates memories more than something that takes up space, do not overlook the gift of an experience. Experience gift certificates are available for experiences that range from driving an actual NASCAR race car down a speedway to culinary classes that teach the preparation of fine cuisine. Outdoor adventures can include white-water rafting along rivers that extend through three states to intense hiking along international trails. For a close friend or family member, provide a weekend getaway for the two of you to Bermuda, the Bahamas or another destination he has always wanted to visit.


A personalized gift demonstrates that you've given a little extra time and attention to finding the right gift. You can personalize just about any gift using equipment that prints or engraves on almost any material. For the music lover, engrave an MP3 to display a personal or humorous message. Give a chronically late friend an engraved watch with alarm that displays a message stating that she has no reason to be late now. Customize mugs to display a single message or picture, or purchase two mugs that show half a picture or message on each and only form the complete image or saying when the recipient puts the two mugs together.