How to Get Rid of Big Toe Fungus

Manuel Faba Ortega/iStock/Getty Images

There are dozens of home remedies for big-toe fungus, and people report varying success rates with each one. The key to any home remedy for toenail fungus is to be patient—it may take many weeks or even months to see real improvement, because toenails grow very slowly and are very thick. If you find you have yellow fungus growing on your big toe, you may have an infection in your other toes as well, so treat all 10 at the same time. Many people swear by apple-cider vinegar applied topically to the toe fungus and taken internally. Be patient and follow the treatment plan every day, in addition to keeping your feet clean and dry.

Thoroughly wash and your feet using warm water and mild soap. Dry with a clean towel or paper towels. You may do this twice per day.

Apply straight apple-cider vinegar to every toenail using cotton swabs and gauze pads. Do not use the same swab or pad on more than one toe. Get as much as possible under the nail as well.

Wash your feet thoroughly with plain water and pat dry gently. Use a fresh towel each time to prevent the fungus from getting back on your toes.

Buff your toenails with a soft emery board at least once per day. It is best if you use a clean emery board every time to prevent re-infection. Buff gently with long back and forth strokes, reaching all the nooks and crannies of each of your toes. This helps to remove the thickened toenail and smooth it out.

Work your way up to taking 1 tbsp. of apple-cider vinegar internally every day. Some people put the vinegar in water and sip it slowly. Others take their dose of apple-cider vinegar like any other medicine—all in one spoonful followed by a large glass of water. Start with 1 tsp. per day and work up to 3 tsp. As a side benefit, apple-cider vinegar is reported to cure yeast infections, clear up acne, improve digestion, relieve gout and help you lose weight, according to