How to Cook a Veal T-bone

Porterhouse steak

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Veal is a luxurious meat that comes from calves that range from 8 to 16 weeks of age. The T-bone steaks are veal chops that come from the loin area. When you pick veal, the meat should be pale-colored, almost white, according to the “Joy of Cooking.” Reddish veal has a stronger flavor and tougher texture and is suitable for stews, while the pale veal is ideal for grilling and pan-cooking.

Grilled Veal

Prepare a moderate heat gas grill or medium-hot charcoal grill. For charcoal grills, open the vents found at the bottom of the grill. To determine the heat of the grill, place your hand five inches above it. It is hot if you can only hold your hand above the heat for one to two seconds, medium-hot for three to four seconds and low heat for five to six seconds. For a gas grill, preheat the burners on high heat while covered for 10 minutes.

Rinse and pat dry the veal T-bone steaks. Sprinkle with a pinch of salt and pepper on both sides. Optionally brush with a marinate of your choice.

Place the veal T-bone steaks onto the grill rack and cook for six to eight minutes. Turn the steaks and cook for another five to eight minutes. Optionally, sear on the highest heat for two minutes a side. Then move the steaks to a cooler part and cook for four to five minutes a side.

Insert a thermometer horizontally, two inches into the steak, but avoid touching the bone. A reading of 120 degrees indicates the veal is rare, 145 to 155 degrees indicates a medium cooked veal. Touching the steak can help you tell its doneness as well. The firmer it is, the more cooked the steak is.

Pan-cooked Veal

Rinse and pat dry the veal T-bone steaks.

Prepare a marinade of your choice or mix two garlic cloves, one lemon rind, 2 tbsp. of olive oil, 2 tbsp. of lemon juice and 1 tsp. of dried oregano together in a bowl.

Place the veal on a glass dish and pour the marinade over the steaks. Turn the steals once to coat both sides. Cover the dish with plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator to marinate from one to four hours.

Heat a frying pan over medium-high heat. Brush off the marinade from the veal T-bone steaks. Season the steaks with a pinch of salt and black pepper. Place them onto the pan and cook each side for three to five minutes or until cooked to your liking. Check the internal temperature with a meat thermometer.

Cover the steaks with foil and allow to rest for three minutes before serving.