How to Cook a Wild Pig Pork Loin

Fresh and raw meat. Pork tenderloin,loin medallions to cook.

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Wild hog is typically obtained for food through hunting, with either bow-and-arrow or rifle. Wild hog is synonymous with feral pig, wild boar and wild pig. Originating in Eurasia, the wild hog was introduced to the United States in the 16th century. Wild boar are found throughout the Southern part of the country from Florida to Texas. Wild hog has a nutritional value of 26 grams of protein and only 55 grams of cholesterol per 100-gram serving -- less cholesterol than beef or domestic pork. To cook a wild pig pork loin is not difficult, but it may take some experience to do it well consistently.

Prepare the backstrap of your wild hog correctly in the field. The backstrap is the elongated muscle mass that lies along both sides of the spine on the back of the animal, from the base of the neck to the hindquarters. The hunter who harvests the animal should remove the backstrap in one piece to obtain a pork loin. Typically you freeze this for future use.

Defrost your backstrap and remove any fat from your wild hog loin as part of the trimming process. Once you have the loin trimmed to your satisfaction, you are ready to season it.

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Marinate your loin in olive oil or another marinade of your choice, such as low-fat Italian dressing. Season it with sea salt and pepper or an herb seasoning that you like. You can also rub your pork loin with crushed garlic, spike it with cloves or cover it with pesto.

Turn on your gas grill to high heat while you prepare the loin. Once the gas grill is hot, place the backstrap on the grill and sear it for two minutes.Turn the meat and sear it for two minutes on the other side. Turn the grill to low heat and then cook the meat for five minutes on each side. Use a sharp knife to butterfly the loin and evaluate whether it is done or needs further cooking. You can determine this by the meat's color. If it is red, it is too rare and you need to cook it longer. If it needs to be cooked further, turn the loin onto the cut side and grill it for another two minutes to cook the center meat. If the meat is white, it is likely overdone and will be dry. Aim for pink meat in the center, and remove it from the grill at that time. The loin will continue to cook while you get ready to serve it, and should be completely done by serving time.

Slice the loin into attractive serving pieces and place them on a serving platter. Pork loin cooked in this manner does not need gravy or condiments to accompany it, although you can add whatever garnishes or side dishes you wish. To balance the high fat and protein content of the pork, however, try to serve low-fat, high-fiber side dishes that include plenty of fruits and vegetables.