How to Grill Small Sweet Peppers

Shaiith/iStock/Getty Images

Grilling small sweet peppers creates a juicy, extra-sweet taste, combined with a delicious slightly charred flavor. Small peppers don't require too much preparation before grilling and will cook in under 10 minutes. Whole grilled peppers make a healthy snack or side dish. According to the USDA National Nutrient Database, sweet red peppers contain high levels of vitamins C and A, plus other nutrients.

Clean 4 small sweet peppers in fresh water. Slice the stalk and top off each pepper. Cut the peppers in half. Remove all of the pepper seeds and run your knife along the fibrous pith to trim away from the flesh.

Brush olive oil onto both sides of each piece of pepper. Wipe olive oil onto the grill mesh and turn on your stove or barbecue to a medium-high temperature.

Grind fresh black pepper onto the sweet peppers and sprinkle on a small amount of salt. Use as much seasoning as you prefer.

Place the sweet peppers skin-side down on the grill when hot. You should hear the peppers make a light sizzling sound. Cook the peppers until the skin starts to brown -- usually after three minutes, depending on heat and size of the peppers.

Flip the small sweet peppers onto their other side. Cook for another few minutes until the peppers starts to soften. Flip again onto the skin-side and cook until the skin blisters slightly.

Remove from the grill using a metal burger flipper and serve.