Good Foods to Cook With Grilled Salmon

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A piece of grilled salmon creates the beginning of a nutritious meal. Additional side dishes round out the meal to balance the nutrition and add a variety of tastes. If you have room on the grill, use it to cook your side dishes. Other dishes that complement grilled salmon can be cooked indoors.

Grilled Vegetables

A grill browns vegetables to a tender texture and provides more flavor than boiling, steaming or baking. Since you're already grilling the salmon, throwing vegetables onto the grill is simple and makes use of the resources you're already using. Almost any vegetable works well on the grill, including corn on the cob, potatoes, squash and eggplant. Try kabobs consisting of smaller items like onions, peppers and mushrooms.

When grilling vegetables directly on the grill grate, grease the grate and brush the vegetables with oil to prevent sticking. Season the vegetables with your favorite herbs and spices before grilling. Alternative grilling methods include wrapping vegetables in foil packets or placing them in a grilling basket.


Rice is a common side dish that works well with salmon. Cook whole-grain rice for more nutritional value than plain white rice. Cooking the rice in broth makes it more flavorful. Add in cooked vegetables or top your rice with stir-fry sauce for more flavor. Herbs and spices mixed in the rice also kick up the flavor. Serve your salmon on top or beside the rice.


Cook your favorite type of pasta as a salmon side dish. Top the pasta with your favorite sauce, and serve it on the side. Or cut up the grilled salmon and mix it into the pasta as a main dish. Instead of the traditional tomato-based sauce, create a simple oil sauce for your salmon pasta. Stir in 1 tbsp. olive oil, 2 tbsp. lemon juice and your preferred herbs and spices with the pasta. Plate the pasta and place slices or chunks of the grilled salmon on top.

For an extra serving of vegetables, place a handful of fresh baby spinach in a bowl first. Top with hot pasta and salmon. The spinach will wilt slightly from the heat of the pasta, making it soft.

Taco Ingredients

Grilled salmon is a delicious filling for a fish taco. Saute or grill bell peppers and onions to add to your salmon tacos. Heat soft taco shells when the salmon is finished grilling. Place small chunks of the grilled salmon inside the taco shells. Add the cooked vegetables, along with lettuce, cheese, sour cream and other taco toppings.