4 Reasons to Drink Even More Wine

Kenzie Maestro

Wine Makes Food Taste Even Better

Having a glass of wine on its own is fine, but pairing it with the perfect bite makes it even better. And since wine is a go-to for most celebrations, make sure the accompanying meals are up to par.

Aligning each course with its best match may be a fine art, but you can get satisfying results just by following the musings of your palette. If sparkling wine is calling your name, start with this fig and prosciutto crostini. Requiring just 10 minutes to prepare, you can serve these out to a party or savor them at a table set for two. Love yourself a little baked brie? Grab a dry riesling to balance out the mellowness of the cheese.

For a more romantic meal, may we suggest a beautiful cast iron skillet steak or a juicy steamed lobster tail? A pinot noir or full-bodied cabernet sauvignon will go lovely with both. For a seafood meal (plus its delicious sides), pick up a buttery chardonnay.

Just celebrating the fact that it's Friday? Simplicity rules with a classic fettuccine alfredo and a glass of an Italian red blend.

Jennifer Farley - SavorySimple.net

2. Empty wine bottles make for amazing projects.

As it turns out, sometimes drinking the wine can be half of the fun. We’re all about upcycling, and there are so many beautiful things you can do with empty wine bottles.

For instance, flattening glass bottles has become a growing trend. Using a kiln, safely melt down an empty bottle – like that special wine from your anniversary or a memorable trip – and repurpose it as wall art or a beautiful serving tray. Don’t have access to kiln? You can also turn those bottles into modern vases.

Kenzie Maestro

Add a little extra ambiance to your next romantic evening by placing an LED light string inside an old bottle. Whether you're looking for a festive way to light up your space during the holidays or seeking an easy, portable outdoor light source to enjoy your patio on a cool summer night, this project is just the trick for adding that perfect glow to your space.

Tim and Mary Vidra

3. It’s good for your home.

You can't have wine in the house and not display it, and you're going to want your home decor to match your favorite pour. Even if you have expensive taste, getting your home to match the sophisticated flavors of your wine doesn't have to cost much.

Create the right ambiance by proudly displaying your wine on a wall-mounted wine rack. This customizable DIY showcases your flavors of the week and adds a modern accent piece to your home's decor – all while saving space. Need another stylish way to display your bottle collection? You can also DIY a free-standing wine rack out of leather and copper. So chic.

Carrie Waller

Don't think about throwing away those wine crates, either. Bring the entire oenophile look together by transforming a crate into a hidden charging station for your electronics. Hide messy cables and cords, and create a more refined feel to your living room, simply by polishing off your label of choice.

Tim and Mary Vidra

If you have a bar cart on display, these crystal wine stoppers really steal the show. These fancy stoppers can be made in three simple steps, and they cost less than $10 to make! And after you've fashioned some for yourself, these make great hostess gifts, too.

Tim and Mary Vidra

Like an eye-catching label, sometimes wine makes a solid impression on looks alone. This is the case with this gorgeous marble tray, which will really kick your party into gear. Made from a marble tile, drawer pulls and gold paint, this serving tray will color your guests impressed even before they start drinking the vino.

Summer Hogan

4. It's good for you.

In case you missed the memo, wine can actually be beneficial to your health when it's poured in moderation. #Blessed.

What makes that so? Red wine has antioxidant properties that have been linked to increasing overall heart health and averting heart disease. In addition, a component called resveratrol has been noted as an ingredient that helps prevent blood vessel damage and blood clots. And that's not all. Other studies have shown that the antimicrobial properties in red wine can help reduce cavities by killing some oral bacteria.

So, it's time toast to your health. Draw yourself a bath and open a bottle of antioxidant goodness. Deep breathe in, deep breathe out. Say it out loud with us: "Syraaahhhhh."

Tim and Mary Vidra