Peach Nutrition Information

by Laurie Beebe, MS, RD, LD ; Updated April 18, 2017

Fresh peaches

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Peaches are a fleshy fruit with a fuzzy skin, available fresh during the summer season. They can be eaten alone, cooked into a sweet dessert, or used to complement chicken and pork dishes.


One large raw peach weighing approximately 6 ounces provides about 70 calories.

Energy-Yielding Nutrients

Most of the calories are provided by 17 grams of carbohydrate in the form of fruit sugars. There are 1.5 grams of protein and 0.4 grams of fat in one large peach.


One large peach contains 570 International Units of vitamin A, which is more than 10 percent of the daily recommended amount. More than 20 percent of the daily recommended amount of vitamin C is provided, or 12 milligrams. Peaches are a very poor source of B complex vitamins and vitamin E.


There is no sodium in peaches. One large peach provides 332 mg potassium, nearly 10 percent of the daily recommended amount. There are 10 milligrams of calcium, 30 of phosphorus, 16 of magnesium, 0.4 of iron and 0.3 of zinc in the average peach.


One fresh large peach provides 2 grams of fiber. Most of the fiber is in the skin.

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